About the Area where the Rally will take place


The Rally will cross almost the whole country, it will start in the capital Tbilisi in direction of the Eastern regions, than will pass to the Western side of the country through the hight mountains of Caucasus to the sea Black Sea, and return by another path, partly off-road.


The mountains occupy thirds of Georgia. In the south there are the mountains of the Minor Caucasus (2,000–3,000 m above the sea level). In the north – the ridges of the Major Caucasus (up to 5,000 m above the sea level). The highest peak of Georgia is Mount Shakhra (5,068).The southern slopes of the Major Caucasus are crisscrossed by deep river valleys. There is also well developed system of karstic caves (over 470) with the largest of them, Novoafon (3.3 km long, 50,000 sq. km).

In the west of the country lies the Colchis lowland. From the West it borders on the Black Sea; from the east it is lined by the Suram (Lihsky) ridge which separates the western and eastern parts of Georgia. To the east of the Suram ridge is the Kartlia plain, Ioria and Shirak plateaus and the Alazani valley.

Georgia 's east is the fertile plains with historical areas Imeretia, Kartli and Kakhetia.