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the best way to watch a rally is as a volunteer !

For 2020 edition we have already enough volunteers. But we will recrute new volunteers for 2021 edition.


We are looking for people willing to block roads crossing rally stages to make sure outside traffic can't enter, and marshal the official spectator areas during the start and the finish to make sure they stay safe and away from the road.


No special training or experience is necessary. Experienced personnel will assign and train you for the job you're assigned. In return, you'll get a much better view of the action than the spectators and free food and lodging. 

If you do have certain skills and equipment, they can be put to good use as well. Any medical training can be very useful. Though rally stages should have an ambulance ready to respond to any medical emergency, the more qualified people there are to help on a stage, the better. 

If you have a four-wheel-drive truck that can pull crashed cars out of ditches, you may be able to join the sweep team, which follows the competitors and cleans up the carnage after each stage. This is one of the most fun jobs..

Best of all, by volunteering, you make the event possible. Competitors are fully aware of this, and very much appreciate the work of the volunteers who spend all day in remote areas so that they can play. So if you're a rally fan, contact us, and consider volunteering instead of spectating

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