Registation fee for a 2-person team STANDARD PACK : 4000 EUR

Registration fee for a 2-person team FULL PACK with SUV/CROSSOVER vehicle rent included : 4500 EUR

Registration fee for a 2-person team FULL PACK with 4WD vehicle rent included : 5000 EUR


•  Driver, co-driver and vehicle registration,
• Accommodation from the day before scrutineering, for the duration of the event and the night after the prize-giving, i.e. from October 7 to 16, 2022, including 6 nights in quality hotels and 3 nights in tents,
•  Loan of a 2-person tent and two foam mattresses,
•  Half board for the duration of the event and the day of the prize giving (breakfast and dinner), i.e. from October 9 to 16, 2022,
•  The award ceremony followed by a festive evening in Tbilisi,
•  Motor sports event civil liability insurance Organizer during the event,
•  The general organization of the event: sports management, sports documents, classification service, research assistance for the duration of the event,
•  Mechanical assistance (labour and basic parts) for the duration of the event,
•  Medical assistance (a 4x4 ambulance follows the rally) for the duration of the event,
•  Two official Rally stickers with crew numbers for the front doors of the vehicle,
•  Fuel for the duration of the event,
•  Loan of a SinoTrack GPS tracker for your vehicle,
•  Colored paper maps of all regions of Georgia (1:200,000);
•  A Local SIM card for your smartphone with unlimited 5G internet connection during the event;
•  Two bomber jackets created especially for the event, tour de coup, caps, mugs and other goodies
•  Audiovisual production by professionals (photos and videos that will be published on social networks), journalists / reporters from France, Canada and Georgia.



• All that include the STANDARD PACK;

• Equipped 4WD or SUV/CROSSOVER vehicle rental from 08/10/2022 to 16/10/2022, with vehicle insurance for the Rally and necessary equipment :  All-Terrain tires, one spare tire, a mechanical jack, an iron bar to be used as a lever, a tow strap, two shackles, a basic tool kit, a shovel, a fire extinguisher, a first aid kit.

In any case, it remains the responsibility of the participants:

• Your transport to Tbilisi before the Technical Verifications day and from Tbilisi after the Rally Prize-Giving day.

• Your accommodation before the Rally Start day.
• Transportation of your own vehicle or rental of your vehicle on site and its insurance, if you do not choose the Pack with a vehicle rent included.

• Your lunch during the event.