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Registration fee for a 2-person team for 2024 :  4000 euros / ლარი ქართველებისთვის


• Driver, Co-driver and Vehicle registration,

• Motor sports event civil liability insurance Organizer,

• General organisation of the event: sports management, sports documents, ranking service, research assistance,

• Rescue team ready to intervene any time during the Rally (only for 4x4 category),

• Mechanical assistance for the duration of the Rally,

• Medical assistance for the duration of the Rally,

• Loan of a SinoTrack GPS tracker for your vehicle,

• Two bomber jackets created especially for the event,

• Accommodation from the start day of the Rally to the last day of the Rally inclusive, i.e. 3 nights in quality hotels and 3 nights at bivouacs,

• Half board for the duration of the rally (breakfast and dinner),

• Award ceremony followed by a festive evening.


In any case, it remains the responsibility of the participants:

• Your transport to Tbilisi before the Technical Verifications day and from Tbilisi after the day after the Rally Award Ceremony.

• Your accommodation before the Rally Start day.
• Transportation of your own vehicle or rental of your vehicle on site.

• Your lunch during the event.

• Your fuel during the event.

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